Retrospective exhibition, realism in clay

The basis for Pablo's craftsmanship is his education in drawing and painting. In that period he has brought to perfection his way of observing and designing. The need to put a third dimension in his work resulted in working in ceramics. The themes Pablo developed have been modern for the ceramic world; sometimes confronting, but above all refined, both full of fantasy and ordinary, technically ingenious, amazing and startling. He has built up a host of admirers. Endless experimenting often preceded a new topic. He liked to pursue a new course to attain his end and to break away from the rules of ceramics.

In the new exhibition, work of art from 12 themes are presented in which all techniques are represented which Pablo developed in his career of 17 years. In cooperation with many private collectors, we have succeeded in providing insight in his work with an exhibition which is again worthwhile visiting.

You can see part of the documentary that was made about Pablo's life on YouTube. In this documentary he gives a further insight into his background, and what drove and inspired him to create his ceramics.

He has won a lot of admiration both at home and abroad. We are so proud that on the 21st September of 2018 , thanks to the hard work and close cooperation of the city council, Pablo's family and myself, we opened a museum in his name in the village where he was born, Castillo de Locubín:


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