Big sale exhibiton

The 10th of March and the 10th of April

Pablo’s retrospective exhibition in Deventer, by invitation of KunstaanZ, has been a very big succes. Due to the interest and the enormous enthusiasm we were even required to extend the exhibition by 2 months to allow more visitors to admire its diversity of ceramics and its exceptional character. Without exaggeration, the praises were overwhelming; This was evident from the many responses we have received. And all this was completed by a beautiful book that was published with Pablo's biography and the texts that fit the themes and pictures.

A review of the NBD Biblion on the book:
Informative and very readable; gives it a special view of the modern ceramics of a highly gifted Spaniard in his new homeland. Very beautiful and illustrated in color and exemplary. A beautiful book to read and browse.

The works of art have now safely been returned to the 50 owners who had temporarilly donated their ceramics for the exhibition. Without them, the exhibition would not have been possible. The whole organization took a lot of energy, but it was worth the effort. During the exhibition in Deventer there were also discovered 2 new works of Pablo, of which one can be seen during the current exhibition. It's a sculpture of a nun from 1982 that was totally unknown to me, so far.

Although the museum in Delfshaven was closed during that period, it did not mean that there were no activities. The walls have been repaired for the third time, which has given a lot of dust and cleaning costs. But now it looks fresh and with some adjustments, the overall image looks wider in terms of layout.

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